Combos and Samplers

What to do when one fresh Florida fruit isn't enough? Why not get a selection of fresh Florida fruits and other sweet treats with these combinations and sampler gifts. These special selections make the perfect gift to please the many tastes in a family or office. Please note: Due to fruit shipping regulations, we can no longer process orders being sent to California, Texas, Arizona or Louisiana.
Florida Navel Oranges Sampler70NFlorida Navel Oranges Sampler$29.99
The Magnificent Seven7MD$32.99
Deluxe Peck Basket208Deluxe Peck Basket$43.99

Deluxe package includes Coconut patties, 2 jars of jelly or marmalade and 100% Orange Blossom Honey

First and Last Pick Honeybells1H2First and Last Pick Honeybells$83.98

2 shipments of each tray size