Holiday Gifts

Holiday gifts featuring fruit and special treats add to the festive nature of the season. Whether you're looking for a Corporate Gift Basket or a special something to delight a loved one, you can't go wrong with a gift of fruit from Bob Roth's New River Grove.
Authentic Florida Grove Basket22MAuthentic Florida Grove Basket$61.99

Deluxe package includes Coconut patties, 2 jars of jelly or marmalade and 100% Orange Blossom Honey

Christmas Tree Deluxe CTDChristmas Tree Deluxe $59.99
First Class Gift BasketFCGBFirst Class Gift Basket$65.00
Florida in a Jar4002Florida in a Jar$35.99
Florida RainbowFR470Florida Rainbow$56.99
Grand Fruit & Gourmet Gift BasketH2KGrand Fruit & Gourmet Gift Basket$150.00
Grove SamplergrsGrove Sampler$35.95
Harvest Jubilee469Harvest Jubilee$56.99
Key Lime Bundt Cake1141Key Lime Bundt Cake$29.99
Orange Delight BasketOD70Orange Delight Basket$70.00
Palm Beacher Gift Basket PALMPalm Beacher Gift Basket   $100.00
Tail Gator Confection Basket4028Tail Gator Confection Basket$32.99