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Florida Tangerines

Our fall Sunburst tangerines are super sweet and easy to peel. Why not send your loved ones or clients one of the sweetest Florida fruits there is! Please note: Due to fruit shipping regulations, we can no longer process orders being sent to California, Texas, Arizona or Louisiana.

Florida Rainbow

Four Premium Favorites Together At Last!

A rainbow of citrus colors, this beautiful gift features four premium citrus varieties: Oranges, Tangelos, Tangerines and Grapefruit - four distinct tastes that'll please any palate. Have fun sampling all of the fruit favors that Florida has to offer.

Available November - January only


Florida Sunburst Tangerines

Sweet and delicious, our Florida Sunburst Tangerines ship from November through January. While tangerines are one of the smaller types of citrus fruit, they pack in the flavor and are often considered sweeter than traditional oranges. Tangerines are technically a variety of the mandarin orange. Often called zipper skins, the pebbly rind is extremely easy to peel. One of the sweetest and easiest citrus to eat, enjoy our Sunburst Tangerines shipped to your door.


Deluxe package includes Coconut patties, 2 jars of jelly or marmalade and 100% Orange Blossom Honey

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