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Honey Recipes

Florida is well known for all kinds of honey production, but some of the most well known types of honey include Orange Blossom Honey and Tupelo Honey. Cooking and baking with honey can be delicious and bring added health benefits. While honey is primarily made of sugars, it's natural, unrefined nature can be a source of trace vitamins and antioxidants. Additionally, it raises the blood sugar levels more slowly than consuming other types of sugar, and people with allergies often prefer to use locally harvested honey to help reduce strong allergic reactions. When substituting honey for sugar in a recipe, you can usually use the same amount, up to about a cup. For quantities larger than a cup, we recommend you experiment depending on the recipe. Honey tends to be a bit sweeter than other sugars, so take notes and adjust your recipe accordingly.

Passover Honey Nut Cake in Soaking Syrup

This delicious dessert features fresh orange zest, orange juice and honey. The combination of flavors and nuts recalls ancient middle eastern recipes. And since it's made without flour, it's perfect for Passover.

Honey and Orange Glazed Ham

This new spin on a traditional favorite features the delicious combination of fresh orange juice and honey. It's a great way to freshen up a baked ham for your Easter Holiday celebration.

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